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Music news related updates, also focusing on internal iBeat sample updates

Update: Live guitar and bass sessions

Riding low and slow on this for a while. But figuring out how to build a recording setup for bass and guitars and how to categorise these takes into shots, loops, licks, riffs and so on is a headache. We’ve settled for a seemingly good overview and the last recordings should take place in week […]

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Updating all kinds of non-audio related things

Well. It’s sort of related, since we publish audio here at iBeat… blablabla. Anyway. We’ll be doing some major updates on front and backend – but you shouldn’t be affected to much – except for some buggy graphics here and there. The audio archive should work all along, not including the ten (keep your fingers […]

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One Year Old

iBeat is one year old. If we count the beta as a fetal period. Ehm – moving on, quickly… We’ve evolved quite a bit. When we started out, we worked all entries into a simple file browser setup; no streaming, no ID3 tags … no nothing. While probably fun for some – it was hardly […]

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Drum Loops

Download free drum-loops under Creative Commons licenses. Check out a few teasers here … find links and dowloads further below: has one of the best and diverse original drum loop collections on the net. Here you’ll find simple access and overview of the newest drum loops in the audio archive. There are two main […]

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February Round Up

Yup. February sucked. At least for us here. Hopefully not for distinguished visitors. Even though there has been some downtime, we’ve managed to get the first large scale session done. This adds up to, probably, the best drum wav files on the net/in the universe. Pad on the back to Enoe, who is mainly responsible […]

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