iBeat is a production music repository – it contains free instrumental music downloads under progressive CC licensing. The vision is to become a pervasive production / audio / media kit, containing everything one needs in one sampling kit including beats, loops, breaks and instrumentals. This will always be a work in progress.

It’s supposed to be hassle free and non-bloated. There is no sign up, no hidden fees – just easy stream teasers and packaged audio.

The site was a reaction to all the semi spammy sites out and about on the internet; never updated, never delivering and inaccessible in terms of shady money making schemes.

We’ve been live since spring 2007 and trying to better the content ever since. Hope you get inspired and enjoy your stay.

iBeat is more open than free. The production music and shots here, are available under Creative Commons licensing. This means some is public domain, some available for commercial use under attribution, and most under a non-commercial license. Please note and respect the individual license which entries are tagged with.

Site credits:
iBeat is maintained by Peter Jones & Anders Enøe from Denmark.
hostingwebdesignidea with the help of DaDeMo, tpeter and a handfull of others.