audacity_dawAudacity is a free and open-source recording and digital audio editor software application. It is available for many operating systems including Mac OS, Linux and Windows. It was first released on May 28, 2000 and has been award-winning computer software ever since with more than 76.7 million downloads.

Audio recording from several sources are one of the main purposes that Audacity serves. But, it doesn’t just work that way. Audacity also allows post-processing of all types of audio and even podcasts. You can add many sound effects on your music tracks such as trimming, fading in and out normalization and many more. Journalists favor the DAW – and the Danish School of Journalism even includes Audacity in it’s curriculum.

The current features of Audacity are similar to what other digital audio workstations offer. This software may have a much simpler user interface than many other DAWs available in the market, this opens the door of music production to anyone.

Its current features include importing and exporting different types of audio files, recording and playing back sound tracks.

Basic audio editing features such as copy, cut and paste, multitrack mixing, and a wide variation of digital effects and plug ins. Noise removal is also available. Pitch adjustments while keeping the track speed is also available. Audacity also has amplitude envelope editing, audio spectrum analysis which utilizes the Fourier transform algorithm. This software also supports multi-channel modes, has precise audio speed adjustments and can convert cassette tapes or records into digital tracks.

The over-all features of this software are modern and fit for everybody including those that have just begun in the audio-editing industry. It has a cross-platform operation making it accessible by users of any operation system.