garageband-logoThe Apple GarageBand DAW now seems suspiciously like Logic X – it’s actually built on the same audio engine.

It has been a decade since GarageBand was released and it’s still rocking as one of the top entry-level DAWs of all time. Five upgraded versions have been released adding efficiency to the product which includes:
music lessons
score editing

GarageBand 10 is still free with all new Macs and still requires a Mac OS in order for the software to run. The great news for existing mac users is that the basic version is now free from having the price tag of $14.99 from the app store. The full version costs $4.99 as an in-app purchase. This will only be applicable if there is no GarageBand previously installed. If there is, then the download will be free of charge and will serve as an upgrade for your existing software. GarageBand 10 doesn’t overwrite your old application though. The older one will just be moved to its own Applications folder.

If you had the experience of working with Logic Pro X and you tried GarageBand for the first time or the other way around, you’ll feel quite comfortable. It’s basically the same GUI with the main difference being Logic Pro X offering additional features (setting and sampling frame rates for instance) while GarageBand presents a gateway to music lessons. Current GarageBand users may notice that Podcast projects and Magic GarageBand options aren’t there anymore. This is because these selections do not exist anymore.

The right hand inspector’s functions are now divided into three parts which is again a Logic Pro X feature. You now have the Browser, Smart Controls which replaced the old Track Info panel and the Library where pre-sets are picked. There are additional bands in the better Visual EQ page although the effects are now attached to the specific instrument patches with limited parameters.

Pedalboard and Logic Amp Designer plug-ins are now included by default to give better accommodations for guitarists. Logic Pro’s Drummer is now in the software, too minus the drum designer plug-in, the Feel, Hi-Hat and Ghost Notes.

For the avid Apple / Mac user Garageband is a fine entry level DAW that does what it’s supposed to. Moving on to Logic is, of course, very easy. Logic was my preferred DAW back when it what Windows compatible. The workflow is comparable to Cubase.