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Download free drum-loops under Creative Commons licenses. Check out a few teasers here … find links and dowloads further below:


Drum Loops - Creative Commons Free Drum LoopsiBeat.org has one of the best and diverse original drum loop collections on the net. Here you’ll find simple access and overview of the newest drum loops in the audio archive.

There are two main categories when looking into our drum material:
A drum loop archive and a drum shot archive.

The Drum Loops

Drum loops are tagged with BPM and to a degree type, be it acoustic, electronic, pearl, groove, uptempo and so on. They are unprocessed (at least we try to keep the audio uncompressed and without to many effects). There are of course exceptions, since we publish what ever we make or have lying around. Therefore you can find lofi, delayed and layered loops in between clean acoustic recordings.

Drum shots

We’ve dropped the idea of standard packaging – there simply isn’t one optimal way to publish diverse collections of drum samples.

The drum shot and percussion packs consist of grouped and related files. You can find complete sets: kick, snare, hi hat, crash, toms and so forth. But also only tom packages, noise packages and everything in between.

This is why we wrap up a streamable preview, to represent what’s in the (zipped) wave files/archive. The m3u or mp3 stream will be one long file – and the zipped shot packages, consist of cut up single shots (all the way up to forty files).

Drum Loops

– ordered by date

Drum shots

– ordered by date

The details – free drum loops

As always, our audio production material is available in mp3 and loss-less wave format. All is licensed under a Creative Commons License – Attribution-noncommercial or attribution. We consider this material to be free, but given the non-commercial license, it’s a truth with a few modifications.

All the audio here on iBeat.org is original, including drum samples, and we don’t want to have it stolen, and others making money of it by including if in sample Cd’s, publishing web sites that steal bandwidth and so on. We do however not mind writing up attribution only (along the lines of royalty free) if you have a specific project.

When downloading drums, samples will contain Id3tags as well as the actual Creative Commons license.

There is no sign up, and no limits here at iBeat … so just start downloading and producing drum beats and drum loops.

If you experience any trouble with the drum loops or drum shots, please let us know by commenting on this thread, and we will fix it up quickly.

Join our loop newsletter

Every so often we send our exclusive royalty free beats. Of course, high quality free drum loops are often included. So if you want something extra, delivered straight to your inbox – do yourself a favor and sign up. You can find the sign up for in the sidebar.

Signing up is a particular good idea if you like getting that jolt of inspiration without the hard work of searching. That being said: it’s a broad selection we mail (and the material is not available in our normal audio archive) – and if you are in the search of something specific, it might not be worth it.

Peter Jones

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    Thank you for sharing some of sample data sound music. I am very interested to create a free program (piano, drum, etc). But, dont have experienced about music. This sound very help me how to create this program.
    Thank you

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