Download beats, loops and breaks. Samples available under Creative Commons licensing. Massive stock music archive; Use for background music, radio jingles, and music production. 

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ShotsDownload free beats and loops without registration, payment a hassle. If you can’t, something isn’t working as it should. And you should let us know ;)

LoopsEvery beat and loop is free for non-commercial use via the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. But you’ll also find loads of downloads, that are directly available for commercial sampling & remixing (as in royalty free music samples). Check the actual license.

SessionsWe only do instrumental sessions, beats, breaks, loops and shots. No vocals. For now.

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Free Instrumental Music Downloads

Get your free instrumental downloads here, on Online instrumental music archive - pushing content since 2007. You can find pretty much anything. Looking for R&B instrumental music downloads, rock instrumentals, pop samples, easy listening -...

Music Production

(In)Complete Guide to (the Basics of) Music Production Music production isn’t just factory production. Music production is subjective art that requires talent, passion and hard work. Recording, editing, mastering and marketing tracks isn’t easy. Not...


Hi. This is's human readible sitemap. Via this it should be easy to find central sample content, as well as the beats and loops you are looking for. Media Makers in Need of Instrumental Music Musicians have completely different needs than general...


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