One Year Old

iBeat is one year old. If we count the beta as a fetal period. Ehm – moving on, quickly…

We’ve evolved quite a bit. When we started out, we worked all entries into a simple file browser setup; no streaming, no ID3 tags … no nothing. While probably fun for some – it was hardly effective.

So we set up flash previews, streaming, tag browsing and more. Hopefully you have enjoyed this development. We figure it’s gotten way better – but we are not there yet.

And we are trying to get better. Categorisation and accessibility to the production samples are often at the top… right now, we are prepping our second large live session. The focus will be on guitar and bass riffs and shots … so just hang in there.

The entire site is again overdue for a makeover. On this topic, we would like to get some opinions. What do you like . What don’t you like . What do you need . Keep going yourself. If you have anything to say feel free to comment below.

Peter Jones

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