Looping some facts on the music production archive

We pushed almost 100000MB audio through July. Our busiest month ever, which is seen in the number of pageviews climbing to 520270 – not counting all the robots and worms having a field day here at iBeat – they managed to suck another 300.000 views. These stats are only from the audio archive, but if people keep on downloading more, and we keep adding more, we will soon have to add new server :(

We stopped counting downloads ages ago, perhaps it’s time to start again. We love to tell you what was the most popular beat – a qualified guess would be some of the features on the front page (people have no imagination).

Our most popular post in the (text) blog seems to be the one listing free rap beats. Perhaps we’ll try and make more pages like this, to ease navigation. Tell us what you think, and we’ll look into it. (a ‘beats-programming-timbaland-style‘ pages, would probably do well with all em young dudes…. ;))

After migrating to the new platform we’ve reached almost 500 audio entries; that’s well over 1500 if you count single shots from production packs and so forth. We are still trying to add more producers, and more material – so we should double that before the year is up.

Finally we updated the layout, and will keep improving usabilty – but focus is still on getting a sensible collection of guitar and bass shots, chords and loops organised and upped. Quite the task.

Btw… Beatman is back, and he isn’t hammering at us yet – so we must be doing something coherent.

Peter Jones

|-|4rdC0r3 S19|\\\\|4tur3

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  1. Beatman

    Thanks for the mention “J”.
    For the record (I surmise you already know this ?) It was all in good fun!
    Hope I didn’t come across as an “A Hole” or nothing.

    As of now… I see nothing to complain about. I prefer to call it constructive critique, btw. Glad too see I don’t need a magnifying glass to read the text anymore! I threw that one in for old times sake! LMFAO….


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