Cockos_Reaper_logoQuality almost always comes with a high price, but not in the DAW market. Many of the best performing and most flexible DAWs available may come with hefty price tags. Cockos Reaper proves that it isn’t always the case. Many DAWs may only allow users to use the best ‘of the best features in mixing, editing and making music but Cockos Reaper will help you reach your goals with the best quality without actually having to spend so much.

Unlike most DAWs, Reaper doesn’t offer pre-programmed audio libraries and flamboyant virtual instruments but makes up in giving its users the best quality of the fundamental tools need in music production and editing.

Reaper’s trial system is also very substantial with $65 for a non-commercial use license and $225 for commercial-use license.

This DAW has gone a very long way since its V3 and there’s a long list of the new features available. Thus, here are the top performing additions of the software which we think will help you decide on whether getting this DAW or not.

V4 Reaper now has a Pitch Envelope which is just a right click away from any media file for you to be able to modify and even totally revise your audio tracks without affecting the file’s timing. There are three semitones available by default but this is also customizable.

The mash-up of multichannel track metering and RealSurround Plug-in is very easy to use with the totally automated effects. Transform your audio tracks in every way you can think of. It even allows you to modify the arrangements of the virtual speakers.

Quad, octophonic, 5.1, 7.1 and user setups are all made available in this version, too.

Reaper now has batch rendering ‘wildcards’ that easily converts your track into MP3 and automatically labelling them according to the desired data you prefer these tracks to have. Many default settings are available and you can combine them according to your preferences. Not all DAWs have batch conversion features. Some may have this option but doesn’t deliver just as Reaper does.

ProjectBay is also one of the the features that have caught our attention. This is a floating window which allows you to monitor and access all the media items that you have used in your recent projects. An exclusive menu for MIDI files is already available and enables you to switch between MIDI items while in the midst of editing. Mouse modifier behaviours are also added which supports quick and easy tweaking and painting of notes and chords.

Minor tweaks were given to Take lanes and Comping enabling them to record while running over existing items. Envelope editing also had a minor touch. Users can now copy envelope points with the mouse.
The appearance is also very competitive as you can deeply customize the look of the software. There are many available skins for basically any type of user personality. Nothing beats using a software that personally feels close to you and Reaper is giving you profound control over the software to give you this type of feel. The new flexible interface of the Reaper 4 has been named Window Arrangement Logic Template Engine for Reaper and its called WALTER for short. Users can not just download a theme, drag it to the new GUI and it will automatically apply on the software.

Reaper may not be in the mainstream of the DAW market and many naysayers always talk about how it lacks certain features that other DAWs offer. The creators of this software have always known that these missing features, such as synthesizers, effects, samples and third-party instruments, would be or now are available in the market separately. With that in mind, the users basically has more choices to choose from – and are not tied down to proprietory solutions.

The most important thing is that it gets the job done, even better when used properly. This software is recommendable especially for beginners so that they can experience almost the same features that top-of-the-line DAWs have while not spending too much. Intermediates will love the routing possibilities.