February Round Up

Yup. February sucked. At least for us here. Hopefully not for distinguished visitors.

Even though there has been some downtime, we’ve managed to get the first large scale session done. This adds up to, probably, the best drum wav files on the net/in the universe.

Pad on the back to Enoe, who is mainly responsible for listening through the hours of shit, and packaging something worthwhile for everyone.

The packs, up to now:

Yamaha Shot Pack TomPack I 12inch maple snare PACK 1 Pearl Master Studio Tom PACK Rydeen Rimshot Pack Rydeen Snare Pack Rydeen Kick Pack Rydeen Tom Pack

A large thanks to Pressekontoret for letting us fool around ;)

So, we added just over one entry a day to the archive. Quite a few of these consists of more than twenty sounds, so there has been activity. Not as much as there should be – and not as much as March will bring. Check back!

Peter Jones

|-|4rdC0r3 S19|\\\\|4tur3

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