Updating the archive

There has been some updating going on. A little fuzzyness and downtime was involved. No need to panic. Everything is running quite as usual again.

The layout of the audio archive is lacking a bit – but useable. We are introducing some features and working out the GUI problems as they come a long.

One thing that IS implemented is OpenID login. This is usefull in regard to a new playlist feature, that makes it possible to collect and remember what sounds you promised yourself you’d use, but haven’t gotten around to – or just to build your own private sample archive.

The actual audio entry pages have gotten some better info – especially in regard to attribution. It’s now possible to click through and copy paste different attribution types – and read a bit about Creative Commons.

More to come.

If everything goes well we will even upload some audio ;)

If you use, and browse, the archive please try some of the features: rating, playlist, comment and what not fun stuff. Let’s find out if it works.

Peter Jones

|-|4rdC0r3 S19|\\\\|4tur3

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  1. BeatMaker Jef

    Hey Guys,
    Just discovered your site and think it is great. I have passed it along to my readers (not too many yet as I am just starting out!) but keep up the good work. These resources are awesome!


    BeatMaker Jef

  2. j


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