Get your free instrumental downloads here, on Online instrumental music archive – pushing content since 2007. You can find pretty much anything. Looking for R&B instrumental music downloads, rock instrumentals, pop samples, easy listening – we got it.

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Our instrumental music has been used across the net: background music used for image collages, computer games, podcasts, remixes and the lot. If you are looking for high quality audio (downloadable in mp3 & wave) you’ve come to the right place.

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About the Instrumental Music Downloads

We license our instrumentals under Creative Commons. Which means you are free (as in beer) to use the audio pretty much any way you want. Read more about Creative Commons here or when you visit the actual instrumental entry, you find it’s tagged with a license. It’s clickable, and there you can find info (a human readable license as well as some real legal-hardcore mumbo jumbo.

You can call it royalty free instrumental music – but there are many entries in our instrumental database, that’s tagged with non-commercial usage. You are able to clear these samples. Just get in contact with us. It’s a case by case thing – so be sure to include some details on your project. Remember to clear your free instrumental music before you start making money of it.

There are loads of free music instrumentals available under Public Domain, Attrition and the likes. These are already available for commercial use, so should you find on of those instrumentals, by all means, go ahead use it commercially.

We don’t cater to everyone. Good free music download sites often incorporates a fair usage theme, and so do we. You can skip of to some other shady site, and download low quality compressed mp3 garbage, most likely stolen from some other place on the net. is a moderat high quality audio site – and while we don’t mind giving away these free instrumentals, the authors of the music, have not felt compelled to give away music for commercial use. And why should they.

Formats of Instrumental Music Downloads

Almost everything here on iBeat is available in lossless .wav (wave) as well as good quality mp3. Some stream links use m3u – if you’ve downloaded some of the intrusmental music in this format, you’ve done something wrong. Be sure to get a hold of at least the mp3.

We don’t want to get into religious discussions over formats. When we set out to save instrumental music (nothing less ;)) we didn’t have the knowledge of propriatory formats / lossless audio and what not, that we have today.

Org Vorbis, Flac and more are great options, but we don’t have capacity to change everything on a limb. Some day, we’d like to offer free beats and instrumental music downloads in a wider range of formats. Also ready for your favorite sequencer or audio software (ie Acid, SoundFont and such). Hopefully, you can be happy grabbing the .wav file and converting it to whatever you want.

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