Hi. This is iBeat.org’s human readible sitemap. Via this it should be easy to find central sample content, as well as the beats and loops you are looking for.

Media Makers in Need of Instrumental Music

Musicians have completely different needs than general media makers. We get a lot of both here on iBeat. If you need complete sessions for video, radio or podcasts, we suggest checking out our free instrumental music downloads.

iBeat FrontPage Free Beats Loops & Breaks

The home of iBeat features free beats – with a variety of popular subcategories available. From here, you are also able to sign up for our newsletter, containing royalty free beats.

Popular Sample Content

Due to our contents nature, searches are very diverse, but there are, however, three main points of entry.

Rap Beats

Rap and hip hop beats are popular. You can find an updated list of our most popular content on the Free Rap Beats page. It aggregates new sampling content from across our site. Good place to start.

Drum kits

We have a wast amount of free drum samples & shots. You can find a complete selection of original organic analogue drums as well as electrolic loops in a range of different genres. A popular point of entry for these are our drum loops page.

Piano Chords

As with the above, we’ve been around long enough to have a large collection of original piano and synth loops & chords. You’ll find some of our most popular keys content to be free piano chords by DaDeMo – it’s a Grand Piano Fazioli collection.

Get in Contact

You can use the contact page, if you need to get in touch. Read about the iBeat project here.

Check out our percussion loops, if you need to give your beats some depth.

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