Free Hip Hop Beats

hiphopDownload Free Hip Hop Beats: High quality, production ready hiphop loops, beats, breaks and sounds available for direct download. Alle our hiphop beats are licensed under Creative Commons.

Check out a few examples of the various hip-hop beats available on here:

Bigbeat Hiphop Session     
Danish rapbeat     
Generic Funk Session 2     
Generic Hiphop Session 1     
Headache BEAT PACK 7     
Vinyl Scratch_95     
JdarkRap Three     
Music Sample 90     
very hip hop 87     

You’ll also find licensing terms and (in many cases) loss wave files available for direct download. No registration. No newsletter sign-up. No nothing. Just exclusive original diverse beats and sessions. These free hip hop beats are available under Creative Commons licensing.

More along the same lines:

Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats

Making your own beats will always get you a better feeling, no doubt. Browse around our site and you’ll find inspiration in how to do that.

You’ll find a few recommendations on how to get started, what software you could consider using and more.

If you are some kind of media-maker not invested in music-making, you may even be able to use some of the beats and samples directly, as is. If you need help in looping or similar task, feel free to contact us.

Use what we have as inspiration and get your groove on. And: please do let us know if find the material useful.

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