What’s here – Instrumentals! Sessions, Loops and Shots


Sessions are complete samplings, instrumentals or beats.

You’d need ’em for your new Flickr montage, interludes for your latest podcast, background music for your independent indie what-not media making. Check this out for an idea of the format:


A loop is a loopable piece of audio. A small, or a few small, pieces of a single instrument played for a while. You’d probably nod your head if we said drum loop or drum beat. Anyway – something like this:


We collect most shots in packs. A particular drum set would be packed all together – just like a specific sound setup, close mic, overheads or a Fender-guitar would. Not really that hard to figure out.

No matter what, you’ll need your ears and some patience. iBeat has a pretty diverse collection of audio – so you’ll like something and hate a whole lot of other stuff. Don’t blame us. Blame yourself or culture.

We’ll stop ranting now – we just need to put some text up every once in a while (Google says so).

Peter Jones

|-|4rdC0r3 S19|\\\\|4tur3

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