Recommended reads in the audio world

Coolfer. All about music and the industry. Some pretty insightful original material there – not just your typical cut’n’paste kind of crap.

Along thoose lines, you could pop by Hypebot. Even though it’s a setup of affiliates (compared to Coolfer, that is relatively ad free – only some job listings), they are trying to stay on top. Worth following none the less.

If you are into music startups and larger scope industry finance, give Techcrunch a read. Maybe you’ve allready heard about the site. If you’ve been following the Qtrax story, you might not be impressed. But that isn’t exactly typical for them.

If you are into short log style news check out LostAudio. It’s also an audio guide, that pulls some of the best samples from audio archives round and about. Besides this, there is a Digg music section… When touching upon Digg, consider popping by. It’s still one of the best user submitted news aggregation services on the net.

Last, but not least, Music 2.0 is often a good read… Geo/fucked angles on all things chaotic in digital music. It hasn’t been updated for over a month… but perhaps this post will make their fingers itch. Perhaps not. If it’s the latter, then no need to visit ;)

That’s some material from the blogosphere. Not much focused copyleft/creative commons – and that’s partially why we find the idea of a new open mag good. Let’s see how it goes.

Oh, since we have no idea in regards to the quality of the above mentioned sites (compared to what you may be reading), we would appreciate if you would share your sources for music related news. Let’s leave out Yahoo and Google, eh?

Peter Jones

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  1. TPeter

    Very interesting reads, I must say…

    But yet again as with so many things regarding the internet – theres such a vast amount of sources, it’s more or less impossible to keep up – can’t really imagine how much time a guy like Lefzets spends…

  2. p1rj1s

    Shouldn’t forget Leftsetz ( – perhaps one of the best and most interesting reads. I believe he is in a good position because people keep tipping him. I could do without half the strolling down memory lane. But that is a lot of the way he does it.

  3. Maths

    Hey Peter,
    Thanks for the recommendation to Music 2.0. You’re right, the fingers are itching already….been away for a while on a speaking engagement at MIDEM in Cannes and a short break – but Music 2.0 will be resuming normal service with a vengeance soon. Cheers!

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