On the Drum Sessions – First Wav File Pack Online

Yamaha Tama Kit En Massipuke kit plusSecond Yamaha

Above is more or less four of the used sets. The fifth apparently got away from the Camera. We opted not to re(use) the Roland electric set, and the Gretsch never showed.

Cubase Multitrack RecordingStudio Control Box Everything was recorded through a Yamaha mlan, on a SoundCraft Ghost mixer. As you can see, we made typical multitrack recordings of the drums. Including close mic’ing, overheads, specific kick mics and a CAD to swallow everything.

We will be publishing these as dry sets/shots, everything (via CAD) and various funky frequencies (if the overheads or the AKG D-12 sounded particularly cool).

The first pack is online. If you want to pull it to your blog, internet profile etc. go here.

Stream the low quality teaser here:

Or check the entry in the archive

The pack consists of ove thirty shots:
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-08.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchYamahaTom_closemic-01.wav (172.31KB)
* /14inchZildjianCrash_overheadmic-01.wav (430.71KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-01.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-02.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-03.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-04.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-05.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-06.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-07.wav (172.31KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-08.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-09.wav (258.44KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-10.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-11.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-12.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-13.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-14.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchZildjianHH_closemic-15.wav (86.18KB)
* /16inchZildjianCrash_overheadmic-01.wav (516.84KB)
* /20inchYamahaBD_closemic-01.wav (86.18KB)
* /20inchYamahaBD_closemic-02.wav (86.18KB)
* /20inchYamahaBD_closemic-03.wav (86.18KB)
* /20inchYamahaBD_closemic-04.wav (86.18KB)
* /20inchZildjianRide_overheadmic-01.wav (344.57KB)
* /20inchZildjianRide_overheadmic-02.wav (344.57KB)
* /20inchZildjianRide_overheadmic-03.wav (516.84KB)
* /20inchZildjianRide_overheadmic-04.wav (344.57KB)
* /20inchZildjianRide_overheadmic-05.wav (344.57KB)
* /20inchZildjianRide_overheadmic-06.wav (344.57KB)
* /10inchYamahaTom_closemic-01.wav (117.21KB)
* /12inchYamahaTom_closemic-01.wav (117.21KB)
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-01.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-02.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-03.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-04.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-05.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-06.wav (86.18KB)
* /14inchYamahaSnare_closemic-07.wav (86.18KB)

Peter Jones

|-|4rdC0r3 S19|\\\\|4tur3

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  1. beatman

    Good stuff iBeat!

    Looks like I stumbled on to your site again! The links I originally had for this site gave a constant port error message
    so I thought you guys went under. I found you guys again
    on the loops4free site.

    The drums sound great. I’m in the process of downloading them.
    Cool pics BTW.

  2. p1rj1s


    We are not going anywhere. But we had to migrate servers, because the leeching is increasing… and that’s given some feed and dns errors.

    To avoid this again we would love to outsource the technical aspects of serving audio … but that would mean an ad of some kind, since server techs, for some strange reason, don’t work for free. We are looking into some different possibilities, but for now, I’ll keep everything running (and not making music :()

    More drums on the way. We ended up with quite a bit of usable stuff, even though we were so fucked, we could’nt even power up the soundcard at first (or was that just me).

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