I’ve made a hit – Now what – Music 2.0

Okay. So you’ve downloaded some sweet samples from iBeat. Pitched, stretched, cut, pasted, fiddled, doodled and put some lyrics on. It sounds great. You have that warm feeling of being the best god damn musician/singer/songwriter/producer in the world. If only just people would see your talent. Feel your groove. Acknowledge the depths of your artistry.

Stop. You really need to stop. Shut the fuck up. No matter if this is a mental ‘illusions of grandeur’-type exercise or you are actually pimping Bacardi Breezer friday night at two o’clock in the clubs – trying to score – while complaining that only the untalented make it.

If you whine, without trying to spread your music, then you really are a twat. Start reading Lefsetz – but filter out all the crap. Then go publish on all them new smart music sites (remember attribution, thanks). Here is a list:

Peter Jones

|-|4rdC0r3 S19|\\\\|4tur3

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