How to attribute

If you’ve found some music samples you’d like to use, perhaps even made a full track and you are ready to get it ‘out there’, there is the question of attribution.

In this post we try to address this topic, and the angle is on how to attribute easily, without doing something incorrect.

First off. We are not that hard to dance with. Contact us if there are specific questions.

All audio entries have titles – these can be long a quite useless (sometimes useful) – but we don’t expect to provide this in print or links. We’d of course enjoy if you did, but just package the adress in a link.

Examples instead of rants.
I used / thanks / whatever ibeat sample.

If you provide a link back to, we will track the attribution for you, and publish your work in our showcase post.

Even though this probably isn’t working. We are just trying to convey it does not have to be annoying attributing what music samples you use – and you should even be able to get a decent link back because of it (even while scratching your behind).

Look up the Creative Commons license, if you want more specifics or simply contact us.

Better publish some audio now.

Peter Jones

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