Creative Commons gets Danish Trial

There is some good Creative Commons news from Denmark. KODA, THE Danish society that administers Danish and international music copyrights, has approved a one year trial of the attribution-noncommercial license.

They pride themselves on being part of the front runners when it comes to interacting with Creative Commons licensing. But even so, attribution hasn’t been picked up. Weird, especially from our point of view (us being a wav sample archive).

It was really just a question of time, before CC licenses would be partially accepted (officially). It hardly makes sense, that an artist, can’t publish own creations (either as promotion or simply for sharing) without taking money for it.

Hopefully this will be a little step towards getting some scope into the black and white game of copyright.

Oh, interestingly enough, you have to fill out a .pdf form, sign it and send it in, if you were to take on CC.

A couple of statements from the terms(loosely translated – paragraph 5):

  • KODA won’t help you if someone uses your non-commercial for commercial use.
  • Nice to know. Finally:

  • If you go non-commercial, we will never help you collect royalties, even if someone, legitimately, wanted to use your music in a professional setting.
  • .

    Spot the hint feces? Well, we still see this as a step foreward – but no one is making the transition easy. No reason to take on Creative Commons if they aren’t gonna accept the actual use, and help artists, which is their actual job.

    Peter Jones

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    1. Beatman

      Thanks for the info! You always bring news you can use! oops…I wasn’t supposed to talk,Damn!

    2. Padmin

      We don’t mind – or mime… just keep on trash talking.

      Anyhu… What would you like us to bring? You noted that finding iBeat, was like finding a needle in a haystack… so we set up this blog to make indexing a little easier…

      Btw… the CC trial was interesting for me at least.

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