Beats, loops and changes

Content on iBeat is the same as ever: Instrumentals, shots and beats.

Only thing that has changed is a few unobtrusive ads – all related to production music or music production.

The reasons these ads have arrived is simple. It’s freaking easy to serve ads via Google, that might be of interest to our users. Just a click of a button. We figured that it wouldn’t bother people much.

The costs of running the technical side of iBeat is still run by j1s – and no moaning there. But updates have been decreasing, so we’d like to be able to buy the people wasting both talent and time a drink or two, or some soup, in relation to both studio and live sessions as well as general updates.

Btw, some shit-for-brains idiot wrote that the guitar loops and shots would be available in week 43 — the knob meant week 50 ;)

Peter Jones

|-|4rdC0r3 S19|\\\\|4tur3

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  1. Beatman

    I don’t have a problem with ads. They do serve a purpose and help pay some bills. I just don’t like the intrusive, java-script driven types that takes hostages! I disable it on unknown sites!

  2. Beatman

    S.O.S. at ibeat… Same* Old* Shit!

    What are you guys up to?

  3. enoe

    Putting on concerts, making records, engineering concerts, teaching kids rocknroll, planning new adventures, making bands, writing music, having a laugh, washing clothes, adjusting instruments, playing instruments, breaking instruments and trying to get somewhere to f¤#!ing put and play my drumkit.

    Same… old… shit…

  4. j

    Working – but I’d like to sleep. Same… old… feces…

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