Audio Loop

Found an audio loop? Don’t have time to get the audio pitched, stretched and looped? Let iBeat do it. Simply post a an audio loop request in the comments, and the crew will work it out.

A little background

iBeat is introducing a little bit of interaction. Looping audio for our users.

When we post our original audio loops and samples, we cut them down in size so the file size is kept down – and clutter kept to a minimum. This works well for a variety of reasons, but when mediamakers come looking for samples this isn’t always the best approach to publishing audio loops.

Many DJs, video-creators can’t bother, or don’t have the time, to download and learn a sequencer and cut, fade, pitch, stretch, cut, paster and whatnot – therefore: we will loop, limit and semi-master your music.

Exactly how to get your audio looped

Just tell us how in the comments. How long, fades and specifications thanks. We will deal with the requests on a first served basis. We often dish up raw lossless audio here on iBeat, so be sure to let us know in what context you need the audio looped.

That’s it. Not the biggest innovation, but there have been quite a few mail requests in regards to longer samples and this is what we came up with.

Peter Jones

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